Let us Entertain you!

Under the cosmic curation of Gerry Paul, who brightens our worlds with Cuba Dupa and Coastella, the entertainment this year will go far beyond your average pub covers band. This year, we’ve got everything from off duty NZSO trombone players and sea shanty singers, to pianos dueling to the death and a place you can get your hair done all fancy. It’s not just the beer that will Blow your Mind.



What do the NZSO trombonists do when they have a night off? Go to Beervana! Listen to some Rossini, Bach, Gershwin or Mozart from the stalls as you enjoy your IPA or Pilsner! “…the best trombone quartet in the world.” Seymour Goldfinger (Jack Teagardens big band 1939 – 1941)


Bric a Brac Ravers
The Gathering 1997: Two Dutch Goa Trance Deejays Spyder and Freek disappear in what was presumed a tragic raving accident.
Wellington 2017 : Two dutch bric a brac vendors are working the concourse at Beervana

Dueling Pianos
Two upright acoustic pianos face to face with a very brave drummer in the middle. Guns are drawn and a piano duel begins. The music is highly energetic and features familiar songs which will have you hopping.


Wellington’s funk-tastic male vocal ensemble, led by Julian Raphael, on display for one-day-only at Beervana. With sea shanties, beer drinking songs, ballads by badlads and wicked vocals which will echo through the beer halls.

Superhero Second Line

Superhero Second Line
Bringing together the familiar sounds of the traditional New Orleans Brass Band, with modern pop and classic blues songs, Superhero Second Line are entertaining to people from all walks of life – especially craft beer drinkers. As retired Superheroes, they decided to pick up instruments and form a band playing tunes from our favourite genres, often heard on Superhero Radio.


Shabby Salon
You wouldn’t go to a wedding without an appropriate hairdo and beer drinking is no different. Where plastic bouquets, glittery objects and cast aside toys finally find their place in the world – the stylists of the Shabby Salon.