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Beervana seminars

Beervana Free Walking Tours

Want to come away from Beervana a bit more informed? Join one of the hourly walking tours, where we’ll guide you through the maze – both of the Stadium and the beer world. You’ll get to skip some queues, chat to some brewers and learn a bit, all while drinking beers your hosts have selected for you. Tours are free, but beer will be charged on consumption.

Choose from one of the following themes:

11:30am/18:30pm The Visitors
Meet at aisle – 23 Stone and Wood/Pirate Life 

If you’ve only ever sampled the delights of the New Zealand beer scene, expand your palate as we check out who’s come from overseas. What’s going on over in Oregon, and why is it fast becoming beer paradise? We’ll stop buy some of the stands from over the ditch, and find out what their beer industry is doing different from ours, and compare some brews.

12:30pm/19:30pm The Sours
Meet at aisle 29 – by the Pucker Up bar

Join us at the Pucker Up bar, where we’ll sample some of the different kinds of sours – what’s the difference between a Lambic and a Gose? What’s a kettle sour, and what are lactobacillus and brettanomyces, and why are you putting them in my beer? We’ll drag some brewers along to talk about why everyone is drinking sour beers this year.

13:30pm/20:30pm The Wild and Wacky
Meet at Aisle 14 – near Fork and Brewer 

Festivals are a chance for brewers to let out their… even more creative side. Every year, some wild creations grab headlines, cause queues, and create a sensation. A festival is the perfect place to experiment for both brewer and drinker. We’ll walk you through some of the more fantastical brews, and chat to the brains behind them.

14:30pm/21:30pm The Basics
Meet at aisle 31 – near Choice Bros 

Really new to beer, or thinking about starting home brewing yourself? We’ll talk you through the basics – hops, malt, yeast and water – demonstrate how the process works and sample some beer which show off why each element is important.


Home Brew Hub – Ask Me Anything

13:30/20:30 Pro Tips for Home-Brewers
Meet at aisle 19 at the Home Brewers’ Hub

This is your chance to learn from the best. An Ask-Me-Anything with commercial Craft Brewers. A great chance for keen home-brewers to learn tips from the pros and get a feel of what to expect at next year’s New Zealand Home-Brewers’ Conference.