Road To Beervana

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Running Sunday 7th to Sunday 14th August to allow for a comfortable spin-up and wind-down, Road to Beervana (RTB) encompass a week of beer events hosted and organised by our top New Zealand beer purveyors.

Experience a tantric journey through tastings, dinners, takeovers, pop-ups, screenings, games, and an assortment of other unique beery experiences. RTB will then reach its peak at Beervana itself.

In its third annual installment, RTB extends its reach to Christchurch, signifying the first time official RTB events have been held outside of the Craft Beer Capital, Wellington. This is to pay homage to the fact that Beervana is not a Wellington-exclusive event, but rather an all-inclusive international level beer festival.

In time, RTB’s plan is to broaden the reach further to areas of New Zealand and beyond, so that beer lovers may celebrate their journey toward the Beervana festival wherever they may start from.

Check out all the events on their website – www.roadtobeervana.co.nz

Including the Beervana events
Battle of the Brewers and The Great Beer Debate