Altitude Brewing
Altitude Brewing
  • Queenstown
  • Year established: 2013
  • Head Brewer: Eliott Menzies

Altitude Brewing was born in 2013, high in New Zealand’s striking Southern Alps. Conceived over many years by a love of crafting fine ales he brewery finally came to life under the auspices of Queenstown-bred local, Eliott Menzies who had a desire to share his passions with the world.

Inspired by the varied history, the wildlife, the snow and the peaks of Queenstown and the Southern Alps, he set out to craft something that not only tasted great, but captured the area’s essence.

With varieties like the Goldpanner’s Profit and the Mischievous Kea, Altitude Brewing stays true to who they are. This is echoed by their exclusive use of kiwi ingredients, as well as giving back to local Queenstown charities. Whether it’s the IPA or the Hefeweizen, you’ll get an honest, flavourful, real beer that’s to be shared and appreciated; whether that’s at your local, at your friend’s place or with silver service.