Rhyme and Reason Brewery
Rhyme and Reason Brewery
  • Wanaka
  • Year Established: 2017
  • Head Brewer: Jess Wolfgang

Rhyme and Reason Brewery’s ethos is involvement and fun. We love where we live, and believe there’s nothing much better than an adventure around here, and then topping it off with a great beer.
We are a brew bar, we run tours, and love talking about beer. The bar has been set up right beside the brewery so visitors can enjoy a beer while watching someone else work (what could be better?), have a yarn to the workers, and hopefully learn something as well. You’ll probably catch Jess throwing some local fruits or preserves into our mini experimental fermenter.

We will be brewing many different styles of beer so there’s always something fresh coming up. Nothing too serious here, except maybe the dedication to making good and diverse beers.