Starting on the Sunday before and ending the Sunday after Beervana, Road to Beervana encompass a week of beer events hosted and organised by New Zealand’s top beer purveyors.

Experience a tantric journey through tastings, dinners, takeovers, pop-ups, screenings, games, and an assortment of other unique beery experiences. Road to Beervana then reaches its peak at Beervana itself.

Road to Beervana is a nation-wide event that extends its reach beyond the Craft Beer Capital of Wellington, paying homage to the fact that Beervana is not a Wellington-exclusive event, but rather an all-inclusive international level beer festival.

Road to Beervana is about beer lovers celebrating their journey towards Beervana, wherever they may start from, culminating in Wellington with a city fizzing with excitement for the biggest and beeriest celebration in New Zealand.

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