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22-23 August

Wellington, Westpac Stadium



If you’ve never been to Beervana - you might be wondering what one is.
If you have been - you’re probably queuing up outside the August 2014 event already.

Beervana is a two day celebration of craft beer.

So it’s not the ‘only volume matters’ brew that flowed so freely from the taps in the beer barns of New Zealand’s somewhat dodgy beer consuming past. Nor is it about those deliberately obscure labels that are all the rage among two or three people in Kilbirnie at the moment. In fact, it might be more accurate to call Beervana a Beer Conference, a beer seminar, or even better, some kind of Beer Field Days. Because what’s going to happen quite naturally, is that beer loving men and women are going to stand around and talk about the beer that’s there as well as enjoying a taste of what’s being displayed.


You can learn how they’re making their beers, or even how to make your own if you’re interested. And if you are already brewing a little of your own, you might pick up a few tips on getting a better brew. So bring any questions you might have along with you for a chat with the brewers. At which point, we should advise, that we won’t be telling you what beer you should like. You can just like what you like. That’s cool with us, there are no beer fashion police on site.

What is on site is at least 200 sorts of craft beer from the length and breadth of our beaut little beer loving, beer making country, some terrific food especially selected to go with the whole occasion as well as a whole heap of other folks there that are as interested in the world of beer as you are.

There’ll be other folks there who are all about the food. Top Wellington restaurant and café types who are set up right there alongside the beer with a range of delights especially chosen to treat your already delirious tastebuds.


There are 4 sessions to choose from, a day one and a night one for each day of the event. So if you we from out of town, a cunning plan might be to get a group together, take in a day session at Beervana, then slip into town to sample a little more of what the craft beer capital of New Zealand has on offer in the way of bars and restaurants. And there’s plenty.

The locals on the other hand might prefer to go about their daily business, then take in a night session.

It’s fun. It’s educational. It’s about beer.

And there are two whole days of it - so you can see why it’s called Beervana.


Beervana works in 5 hour sessions which all have slight variations in content.

However, please note, the bars are open for 4 hours only.

Fri 22nd August 2014
11.00am Session 1 open to public
2.45pm Festival currency sales close
3.00pm Bars close
3.30pm Attendees must have finished their last drink
3.30pm Shop closes
4.00pm Stadium closed
6.00pm Session 2 open to public
9.45pm Festival currency sales close
10.00pm Bars close
10.30pm Attendees must have finished their last drink
10.30pm Shop closes
11.00pm Stadium closed
Sat 23rd August 2014
11.00am Session 3 open to public
2.45pm Festival currency sales close
3.00pm Bars close
3.30pm Attendees must have finished their last drink
3.30pm Shop closes
4.00pm Stadium closed
6.00pm Session 4 open to public
9.45pm Festival currency sales close
10.00pm Bars close
10.30pm Attendees must have finished their last drink
10.30pm Shop closes
11.00pm Stadium closed


Map coming soon!


It’s Springtime at Beervana 2014

For the first time ever, Beervana has a theme. (A theme other than craft beer and food that is.)

And that theme is Spring. A time of freshness, new beginnings and growth.

So you can enjoy Springtime in Beervana and what it brings. The end of winter and perfect timing for the release and celebration of new craft beers, and the very first chance to taste out of the newly released Speigelau Stout Glass which is being revealed exclusively at Beervana. We’ve got a feeling you might even want to try the special Spring inspired Festive & Media Brews as well.

And why not be part of the edification of your fellow craft beer lovers by attending the podcast sessions with Phil Cook? He’ll be tasting craft beers and talking craft beer, and interviewing brewers, all while podcasting live for the firstime from Beervana.

And you thought Spring was just about lambs and daffodils.

Home Brew Comp

Check back soon to find out more and apply to be in the competition!

Event Guide


Welcome to Beervana 2014!!!

The wide range of craft beers offered at Beervana, are carefully selected by our Festival Director and the breweries to give visitors a broad selection of styles from brewers big and small. You will be able to sample different beers from Feature Brewery Bars, Brewers Bars and Beervana Bars.

A full list of breweries and beers for tasting will be made available at a date closer to the festival.

In order to get a drink at the festival you will need your official Beervana glass and Beervana festival currency. Regardless of how it is packaged behind the bar, all beer will be served in your glass in a 75ml taster or 250ml serve. Please note: no cash is accepted over the bars, at the restaurants, or in the Beervana Shop. Festival currency can be bought by cash, credit and debit card at the available counters. There are two ATM machines on site, however, we do recommend you bring cash with you to avoid any queues.

Martin Bosley joins us again this year as Beervana’s Culinary Director. He has worked with some of Wellington’s best restaurants to create another great beer-focused festival menu for you to experience and enjoy. Further information will be available at a later date.

A selection of non alcoholic drinks will be made available at Beervana, including bottled water and coffee. Water coolers and the water warriors will also be located throughout the venue. The Beervana shop will have a range of goodies for sale.

To make your visit to Beervana as pleasant and straight forward as possible, you will find Beervana Volunteers available throughout the venue to answer your questions. If you need help or assistance, please ask any of the Beervana Volunteers who will be wearing yellow coloured t-shirts.

You can be a part of this extraordinary event by being a festival volunteer. In addition to a great time, you’ll receive a Beervana t-shirt, festival currency, entry to another session, and a festival glass. Volunteer registration will open in May . Please refer to the volunteer tab for further detail if you are interested.

ATM machines, first aid, paramedics, toilets, water stations, bar leaners and seating are all available.


Beervana is a licenced liquor event operating under strict regulations. We reserve the right to refuse entry if suitable photo ID cannot be presented on request. If you are asked to verify your age with photo ID you will be given a wristband to wear for the session, meaning your ID will not need to be checked again.

We reserve the right to remove any individuals from Beervana 2014 whose behaviour prevents other visitors from having a good time. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but isn’t limited to, intoxication, fighting and rudeness.

Beer or cider cannot be consumed outside the main front gates.

Festival currency sales stop 15 minutes before the taps are closed.  Taps close promptly 1 hour prior to the end of each session (3.00pm and 10.00pm respectively). A ‘Last Orders’ announcement will be made letting you know festival currency sales have finished.

Once you leave the venue you cannot be readmitted. If you choose to leave the venue through the main gates during a session, please understand that you will not be permitted re-entry unless you purchase a new ticket.

Glasses cannot be carried from the venue by hand. If you want to keep your Beervana glass, please collect a bag from the main entrance to carry it in. Bags are also supplied with all purchases from the Beervana Shop.

In the days following Beervana, we will be posting images and footage of the event on our Facebook page. Visit us for a snapshot of the event in pictures, and ‘Like’ us to stay up to date with the latest on New Zealand’s craft beer community. You can also follow us on Twitter @BeervanaNZ.

Promotional photos and video will be taken at Beervana 2014 and by purchasing a ticket and entering the venue you give permission for your likeness to be used by Beervana. If you do not want your image used by Beervana in any future promotional activity please locate a Beervana volunteer at the event and let them know.


Westpac Stadium is strictly a non-smoking venue. Smokers are required to stand outside the building. Please note that you are not allowed to drink past the turnstiles, outside the Stadium.

During an event Westpac Stadium provides the personnel to manage an emergency evacuation. In the event of an emergency, evacuation instructions will be given by wardens and also over the PA system. Wardens can be identified by their high-visibility vests with the words ‘Team Leader’ on them. Visitors to Beervana must comply with the instructions issued by the Wardens and over the PA system.


  • You will be refused entry if you are intoxicated
  • You will be refused entry if you attempt to bring alcohol into the venue
  • Alcohol will not be served to anyone who is intoxicated
  • Alcohol will not be served to minors
  • Maximum of two alcoholic beverages purchased per service
  • Bars close at 3pm (afternoon sessions) and 10pm (evening sessions)
  • Attendees must finish their alcoholic beverages by 3.30pm (afternoon sessions) and 10.30pm (evening sessions)
  • Attendees must vacate the venue by 4pm (afternoon sessions) and 11pm (evening sessions)
  • Sample pours (75mls) only available for any alcoholic beverage which is over 10% ABV
  • Standard pours (250mls) only available for any alcoholic beverage less than or equal to 10% ABV
  • Free water is available via jugs on all bars, via water coolers on the concourse and via the Water Warriors team
  • Low and non-alcoholic beverages are available on all Beervana bars and at the Pop Up Shop
  • Taxis are available from the concourse at the end of each session, or ask one of the event staff to call one for you
  • A Safe Zone is available for you to rest/lie down at the Wellington Free Ambulance office, located opposite aisle 19
  • Anyone requiring assistance in the Safe Zone will not be permitted re-entry into Beervana
  • Anyone deemed intoxicated will be asked to leave Beervana at any time during the event
  • There is zero tolerance for unruly or aggressive behaviour
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the venue, please use the designated smoking location only
  • All conditions of entry will be strictly enforced

Media Brew

The head to head Media Brew Competition is back at Beervana 2014.

This sees adventurous beer-loving journalists from around the country pair up with a craft brewer to develop a special, one-off brew.

The theme for 2014 is Spring and these new beers will be released at Beervana and judged during session 1.

These beers will be available to the public for tasting on the Media Brew Bar over the course of the weekend. Last year, many sold out, so be sure to get in quick to avoid disappointment.

Make sure you come back here… the Media Brew Teams will be posted at a later date.



Here are some breweries, brewers and beer you'll see at Beervana. Check back here as the list grows!


  • Bach BrewingMore info +

    Resurrected from an original pioneer craft brewery, Bach Brewing is family owned and reflects the homegrown simplicity and freedom of NZ's Kiwi Bach lifestyle.

    We create brews with tasty character and relaxed drinkability, including a couple of beers built upon trophy winning recipes.

  • Boundary Road BreweryMore info +

    Hunua-based Boundary Road Brewery first launched in 2011, now produces a wide range of bold and flavoursome beers with something for every passionate beer lover. With the mantra of brewing bloody good beers that won’t cost you an actual arm and a leg, Boundary Road uses the very best local and imported ingredients combined with cutting edge brewing techniques and shiny kit.

  • Founders BreweryMore info +

    For 160 years, across 6 generation and 10 brewers one family has been passionately brewing great beer in Nelson. Today John Duncan (5th generation) and sons Matt and Callum (6thgeneration) are still brewing a range of great beers from their brewery/bar at the Founders Historic park in Nelson. Today’s range of 6 brews pay tribute to the past family brewers.

  • Hop Federation BreweryMore info +

    Hop Federation is a small craft brewery with a sense of adventure and a passion for making stylish beers with substance. Located in Riwaka, in the idyllic Top of the South, we’re surrounded by hop growers and orchards, and a stone’s throw from beaches, national parks and lots of great recreation destinations.

    We opened our doors in 2013 so we’re relatively youthful, but we’re seriously dedicated to the art and craft of brewing. We use mostly New Zealand hop varieties, our malts come from Canterbury, and we think our beers capture the spirit and lifestyle of this special region.

    Our core range is a lively, harmonious, quartet of ales forms the core of our range, regularly rounded out with brews to celebrate the seasons or mark special occasions.

    Using hops mostly grown within 100 kilometres of our brewery and Gladfield malts from Canterbury Plains barley (some say the finest in the world), the combination of local ingredients, traditional methods, artistry and passion delivers beers with style and substance.


Featured Beer

  • Hop Federation's Core RangeMore info +

    Brewery: Hop Federation Brewery

    Golden - ABV: 4.5%, IBU: 32

    Simple, refreshing and inviting, our Golden is a delightful introduction to the world of craft ales. While ales have been around for thousands of years, golden ales—sometimes called summer ales—are relatively new on the scene, with a freshness to match.

    Like New Zealand in summer, Golden is easy-going and relaxed. With a colour reminiscent of dry grass, understated hop flavours, a soft malty sweetness and gentle bitterness, it’s a great choice for any occasion.

    Golden is a nicely balanced, Pilsner-style beer with a clean finish. Pale Gladfield malts from Canterbury and two local hop varieties contribute to its sunny character, which perfectly reflects its New Zealand origins.

  • Hop Federation's Pale AleMore info +

    Brewery: Hop Federation Brewery

    ABV: 5.1% IBU: 38

    Golden in colour and light in character, our delicious Pale Ale will win you over from the start with its tropical fruit aromas. These carry through to the palate, where they combine with hints of grapefruit and pine, enhancing its crisp fruitiness.

    Pale Ale’s distinct hoppy flavour comes from a judicious blend of four local hop varieties, and the two selected Gladfield malts from Canterbury contribute to its appealing colour. Its clean, fresh eagerness is tempered by a subtle sweetness and rounded off with a satisfying, lasting finish.

    A youthful member of the large, wide-ranging family of pale ales, this is one of our most-popular beers.

  • Hop Federation's American Brown AleMore info +

    Brewery: Hop Federation Brewery

    ABV: 4.5% IBU: 32

    Dark in colour but lighter in style and with modest alcohol, our American Brown Ale is brimming with comforting aromas and flavours.

    At first, it’s redolent with chocolate and coffee, following through with a full malty flavor that’s derived from a carefully managed combination of six varieties of Gladfield Canterbury malts. An edge of dark-cocoa bitterness is nicely balanced by a hint of cherries, giving it the warmth and richness of a dark beer in a light to medium body.

    Based on a style of ale that grew from English roots to flourish in America in the late twentieth century, our American Brown Ale takes the tradition a step further with an Antipodean touch.

  • Hop Federation's Red IPAMore info +

    Brewery: Hop Federation Brewery

    ABV: 6.4% IBU: 49

    An exuberant blend of colour, flavours and aromas, Red IPA is our signature beer.

    This India Pale Ale is a descendant of a tradition with deep colonial roots, stretching back several centuries to when pale ales were boosted with hops and alcohol to withstand the long sea voyage from England to India.

    With predominantly local hops, Gladfield malts from Canterbury and slightly above-average alcohol content, our Red IPA has the same confidence and individuality that characterise our own former colony. Tantalising passionfruit aromas give way to a delightful and unexpected combination of berries, tart ruby grapefruit and a comforting toasty malt on the palate, rounded off with a satisfying, sustained finish.


  • Craig CooperMore info +

    Brewery: Bach Brewing

  • John, Matt and Callum DuncanMore info +

    Brewery: Founders Brewery

    John Duncan (5th generation) and sons Matt and Callum (6thgeneration) are still brewing a range of great beers from their brewery/bar at the Founders Historic park in Nelson.

  • Simon NicholasMore info +

    Brewery: Hop Federation Brewery

    Simon is chief brewer, with a wealth of experience gained as head brewer at Hallertau in Auckland after a long background in the liquor industry, mostly with Glengarry Wines. As you’d expect in a brewer, he has a great sense of smell, finely tuned taste buds and a passion for experimenting, all of which he combines with a commitment to consistency and an appreciation of the traditions of craft brewing.



Here's a taster of food on offer at Beervana!


  • EPICUREMore info +

    EPICURE is the corporate hospitality service provider at Westpac Stadium, catering for game days as well as private functions, conferences, cocktail parties and dinners throughout the year.

    EPICURE’s food philosophy is based on selecting the finest local quality sustainable produce and using it when it is at its best – in season, so whatever time of year you’ll be guaranteed an outstanding meal.

    Our chefs combine this ethical approach with their passion and experience. They draw inspiration from food trends from around the world and bring this to all of their dishes.

    Westpac Stadium is one of Wellington’s largest conference venues and all lounges have natural light and spectacular views of the pitch. With capacities of 10-1700 guests, the majority of lounges have an in-house bar and access to outside seating.

    EPICURE is also proud to announce the opening of the newest function space the Mezzanine Lounge, which opened in April. A 60 metre section of cladding has been removed which has created stunning views of the harbour through the 10m high windows.

    The Mezzanine can accommodate up to 500 guests for a cocktail function and features large-format digital display panels, high-density wi-fi and mobile phone charging stations.

    This year at Beervana back by popular demand we will be serving our Beef Yorkshire Puddings!

  • House of DumplingsMore info +

    Handcrafted, not by machines 

    Each individual dumpling is carefully handmade by our chefs, just like every dumpling should be.

    Everything is made from scratch

    We house-make all our dumpling skins, sauces and every single vegetables and herbs are carefully chopped by our chefs.

    Real flavour, no fake stuff

    Our food is flavoured with herbs, spices and seasoning. You will NOT find any MSG, artificial coloring or flavoring in our range whatsoever.

    Say no to caged!

    We use Wairarapa LongBush free range pork and Rangitikei corn fed chicken that can actually run around and do what chickens do.

    We are on this planet together

    We try our best to minimize the impact on our planet. Our packaging is either bio-degradable or made with recyclable unbleached paper.

    Our body is our temple

    It is important to have a balanced meal and to have everything in moderation. Our dumplings are made with a good balance of starch, meat and vegetables. It is a one pot wonder that takes no time to prepare.

  • Monsoon PoonMore info +

    Monsoon Poon is a vibrant South East Asian restaurant located in the heart of Wellington, just off Courtenay Place.

    Guests sit and view an open, colourful kitchen while watching the chefs wield their tools in preparation of the fabulous array of cuisine: Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Indonesian and Malaysian.

    The well stocked bar area offers an impressive range of wine and spirits, with fantastic cocktails and a ‘Lucky Hour’ every day 4-6pm.

    Menu specials include our Winter Lunch Sets served in a Tiffen and the famous ‘Firecracker Club’ first Monday of each month.

    Perfect for couples to large groups, Monsoon Poon is ‘Eatertainment’ at its best.

    Monsoon Poon Wellington’s Atrium can be hired for private functions and events. The Atrium holds 100 people for dining, and 200 people as a party venue with a range of menus and catering available.



To avoid any ticketing fees be sure to opt for ezyTicket and print your tickets at home. Alternatively you can choose to have your tickets mailed or couriered to you for an additional charge.

You can also walk up to the Ticketek booth at the Westpac Stadium to buy your tickets on the day (whilst tickets last).


General Admission Tickets are available for each of the four Beervana sessions.

Tickets are $45 each.

Beervana works in 5 hour sessions which all have slight variations in content.

To find out more click here for a detailed session guide.

Session 1: Friday 22 August, 11am – 4pm (all bars close at 3pm)

Session 2: Friday 22 August, 6pm – 11pm (all bars close at 10pm)

Session 3: Saturday 23 August, 11am – 4pm (all bars close at 3pm)

Session 4: Saturday 23 August, 6pm – 11pm (all bars close at 10pm)


  • Your official, exclusive Beervana polycarbonate glass
  • The Beervana programme
  • Festival Currency card


Limited to just 50 tickets per day session.

That’s 50 individual folks who get to enjoy Beervana with their own dedicated host in their own private area.

There’s no better way to savor the newly released “SPRING” beers and enchanting cuisine from Wellington’s top restaurants.

Beervana Ultimate Experience Tickets are $150 each and these are available for:

Session 1: Fri 22 August 2014 10.30am – 4.00pm (all bars close at 3pm)

Session 3: Sat 23 August 2014 10.30am – 4.00pm (all bars close at 3pm)


  • General admission to a Beervana session
  • An official, exclusive Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • $50 Festival Currency
  • A VIP lanyard and information sheet
  • Early entry to a private VIP area which you can return to at any time during the session
  • A hosted experience sampling the new “Spring Release” beers
  • The opportunity to enjoy delicious food


Limited to 75 tickets per session, the Home Brewing Masterclass is a chance for the aspiring home brewer to participate in a unique opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s most innovative and exciting brewers.

They can get up close and personal and see first- hand, their key techniques for brewing craft beer to the highest level.

This year we are delighted to announce the following fine line up of tutors:

Session 1 - Luke Nicholas from Epic Beer

Session 2 - Kelly Ryan from Brew Mountain

Session 3 - Mike Neilson from Panhead Custom Ales

Session 4 - Jo Wood from Liberty Brewing

Be quick – tickets to the Masterclasses always sell out!

Beervana Home Brewing Masterclass Tickets are $95 each and are limited to 75 tickets per session, these are available for:

Session 1: Fri 22 August 2014 10.30am – 4pm (class runs intermittently from 10.30am-2.30pm and all bars close at 3pm)

Session 2: Fri 22 August 2014 5.30pm – 11pm (class runs intermittently from 5.30pm-9.30pm and all bars close at 10pm)

Session 3: Sat 23 August 2014 10.30am – 4pm (class runs intermittently from 10.30am-2.30pm and all bars close at 3pm)

Session 4: Sat 23 August 2014 5.30pm – 11pm (class runs intermittently from 5.30pm-9.30pm and all bars close at 10pm)


  • General admission to a Beervana session
  • An official, exclusive Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • Festival Currency card
  • A VIP lanyard and information sheet
  • A private 2 hour home brewing session hosted by Luke Nicholas from EPIC Beer (Session 1), Kelly Ryan from Fork Brewing & Brew Mountain (Session 2), Mike Neilson from Panhead Custom Ales (Session 3) or Jo Wood from Liberty Brewing (Session 4)


Glassware can make a huge difference on our enjoyment of beer.

This year at Beervana you will have an opportunity to taste five excellent craft beers, each in their specially designed Spiegelau craft beer glass while Jules (a sommelier, wine and beer writer and beer specialist) and a craft brewer discuss why good polycarbonate is important and what makes Spiegelau Glassware special. You will also have the opportunity to be the first to taste out of the newly released Speigelau Stout Glass, made in collaboration with Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales which is being released exclusively at Beervana 2014.

The Right Glass Matters Seminar Tickets are $135 each and are limited to 50 tickets per session, these are available for:

Session 1: Fri 22 August 2014 (seminar from 1.30pm- 2.15pm, all bars close at 3pm)

Session 3: Sat 23 August 2014 (seminar from 1.30pm- 2.15pm, all bars close at 3pm)


  • General admission to a Beervana session
  • An exclusive, official Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • Festival Currency card
  • Entry to the 45 min “The Right Glass Matters” Seminar, led by Jules van Cruysen
  • Beer tasting experience
  • Take home kit of Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Glasses (includes: 1x Spiegelau IPA glass, 1x Spiegelau Wheat Beer Glass, 1x Spiegelau Beer Tulip and 1x Spiegelau Lager/ Ale Pint Glass, RRP $104)


Beer and cheese are both ancient, cultured, living foods. Each lovingly crafted beer and cheese has its own character, influenced by the land, the climate, the seasons, the key ingredients and indeed the vagaries of each batch process.

This year, the Beer & Cheese Seminar Event will be a guide into an exploration of terroir by cheese and beer. This journey will be led by Wendy Adams of cultured. An award winning home cheese maker, former specialty New Zealand cheesemonger and long-time craft beer and food pairing enthusiast will present you with some locally connected cheese and beer pairings so you too can experience the regional essence in each exquisite, yet humble, fermented mouthful.

Beer & Cheese Seminar Tickets are $75 each and are limited to 50 tickets per session, these are available for:

Session 1: Fri 22 August 2014 11am – 4pm (seminar from 12.30pm – 1.30pm and all bars close at 3pm)

Session 3: Sat 23 August 2014 11am – 4pm (seminar from 12.30pm – 1.30pm and all bars close at 3pm)


  • General admission to a Beervana session
  • An exclusive, official Beervana polycarbonate glass & programme
  • Festival Currency card
  • Entry to the one hour Beer & Cheese Seminar, led by Wendy Adams
  • Beer and cheese taste matching experience

Out of Town Package

Travelling to Beervana from Auckland or Christchurch? … Want a one stop package for a weekend of fun…

Deal includes:

  • 1 x General Admission ticket to one session at Beervana
  • Return flights with Air New Zealand to Wellington (one checked bag)
  • Two nights’ accommodation at Rydges Wellington Hotel (twin share) with breakfast
  • Complimentary Late Check-Out to 12pm
  • Complimentary WiFi 500mb per room
  • 20% off Food and Beverage at the Portlander Restaurant
  • Two nights’ accommodation at Rydges Wellington Hotel (twin share) with breakfast


Want to know more, click here



Our Beervana volunteers are a force to be reckoned with! Over two days they do more than 250 jobs across the sessions to make sure the event runs smoothly. Put simply, Beervana would not be possible without the support of the volunteer force.

We now need friendly, dedicated, enthusiastic people to join our 2014 Beervana team and this epic event. Volunteering is hard work and you will have sore feet at the end of your session, but it is a fun and lively event giving you the chance to meet other awesome people, taste some mighty fine beer (during your free session), and be part of the great atmosphere that is Beervana!

The jobs we ask volunteers to do range from greeting attendees and handing out glasses, to pouring beer, to assisting with the seminars. You may well find yourself lugging furniture or washing glasses for the next seminar but every job, no matter how big or small, is incredibly important.

You will be asked whether you have any preferred roles when you are registering so do have a look through the volunteer roles summary list before you complete the form. A full outline of all roles will be sent once they are allocated closer to the event. Please note that while we do our utmost to allocate you a role you prefer we can’t guarantee this – it’s just really helpful to gauge the kind of work you would be happy with!


  • $16 festival currency given at the session you volunteer for to purchase food and non-alcoholic drinks
  • A Beervana t-shirt worth $30
  • Free entry to another Beervana session of your choice (General Admission ticket worth $45)

You can volunteer for one session or two sessions from the following (please note that these hours are your start and finish times):

Session Date Time
Set Up Thursday 21 August 11.00am – 5.30pm
Session 1 Friday 22 August 10.00am – 4.30pm
Session 2 Friday 22 August 5.00pm – 11.30pm
Session 3 Saturday 23 August 10.00am – 4.30pm
Session 4 Saturday 23 August 5.00pm – 11.30pm
Pack Down Sunday 24 August 9.00am – 3.30pm

NOTE: There is strictly NO drinking alcoholic beverages during the session you are working at, even on breaks. Your free attendee session however….. go forth and enjoy!

IMPORTANT: Before you complete the volunteer registration form please click on the links and read the privacy statement and the liability waiver. You will be asked to confirm you have read these documents during the registration process.

SO… if you love great beer and want to help us put on the best celebration of brewing in the country, then register to volunteer here!

If you have any queries about the registration process or your volunteer experience please contact Cath Lyders our Volunteers Manager at

If you hold a Duty Manager Licence and would like to work at Beervana in a paid position, please contact Debra Dufty at

Volunteer applications close on Monday 7 July.


Fresh Hops

Posted: 16 Apr, 2014

Beervana is super excited to announce… Fresh Hop 2014 is coming!!!

This is a new celebration of the NZ hop harvest where the hops will be harvested from the vine, transported and then used in their fresh form to make beer.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to treat yourself to 11 limited release and unique one- off beers made by 14 Auckland brewers and available on tap in 24 Auckland bars from Thursday 24th April



Beervana would not be possible without the support of our Event Partners.



Liquorland is a specialist liquor retailer formed in 1981 with 18 stores and has grown to over 70 stores nationwide. Liquorland is owned by Foodstuffs New Zealand Limited, which has introduced an unrivalled depth of retailing, liquor and franchise experience to the chain. Liquorland is a franchise operation with individual owners directing their businesses with local knowledge and a focus on customer service, giving the stores advantages over managed chains.



Lion provide all of the taps used on the Regional Bars, and Cider and Festive Brew bars at Beervana. Without their support we wouldn't be able to offer the range of beers we do, and we wouldn't be able to offer them on tap.

The good crew in their Tap Services team start assembling the event on Wednesday night and stay through all four sessions, working with our Beer Manager to make sure the brews flow smoothly during the event. They then have the mammoth task of packing down and cleaning all the gear and returning it to bars and venues throughout the country.

Lion's beverages can be found on the Mac's, Belgian Specialty, James Squires & Little Creatures, and Isaac's and Speight's Cider bars.



Thank you to all the media who attended Beervana 2013.

If you have any queries about the event or would like to request images please contact Catherine Cordwell on or +64 27 2768209.


Beervana Background Information Document - 10th March 2014. Click here to view on PDF.

Media Release - Announcing Dates for Beervana 2014. Click here to view on PDF.


Beervana Background Information Document. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Media Release - 29th May 2013 - Ticket sales open. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Media Release - 26th June 2013 - Craft Breweries and Cider Makers List. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Craft Breweries Showcase 2013 List. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Media Release - 8th July 2013 - Martin Bosley gathers eateries. Click here to view on PDF.

Beervana Media Release - 10th August 2013 - Media Brew and Black Rock Home Brew Results. Click here to view on PDF.


A big thanks to the eight media brew partners who participated in the 2013 Media Brew competition which was judged at the first day of Beervana and tasted at the Media Brew Bar during the festival.

The winning media brew was 66 Jet Planes, an India 'Plane Ale' by Sarah Harvey, Sunday Star Times in collaboration with Luke Nicholas from Epic Brewery, made with jet planes and 25% Steinlager Class. In equal second place was Just Desserts, a New Zealand Dessert Ale by Shane Cowlishaw and Michael Forbes, Dominion Post and Mike Nielson from new brewery Panhead. The other second place award went to Jaffa Stout, a chocolate orange stout by Don Kavanagh, Hospitality/ NZ Herald and Hamish Ward from Deep Creek Brewing.

See all of the Media Brew entries by clicking here.


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